Torpedo - Users' Common Queries

Torpedo Traffic Generator (previously known as WAT) is a desktop application designed to bring your web site popular over the Internet. The tool will help you to generate traffic to your website from different location and increase your website’s visibility in SERPs within a short duration.

As we said, Torpedo is a new generation traffic generator. We continuously perform research and update to maintain traffic qualities. Please refer the blog post about WAT/Torpedo here: Secrets of Website Traffic Generators: How They Help You?.

You can download free version (demo version) of Torpedo from downloads page. The demo version is limited with features that Torpedo supports. To unlock and use all features, you need to purchase a license key.

At present Torpedo is developed to work in Windows environment. Torpedo supports installation in Operating Systems starting from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10. Incase your system is Linux/Mac, you can install WAT on Windows virtual machine.

There is no such limitations has been defined for both free and paid version. Also there is no restriction for number of web site or web pages to which you can generate traffic. You will get traffic 100, 1000, 10000 or even more depends on the number you set!

At present Torpedo has only Demo version (free version) and Full version (paid version). You can download demo version from the downloads page and use with limited features. If you like to continue, you can purchase full version. Since you have 14-days money back guarantee, you no need to afraid to give a try. Read our refund policy here.

You can purchase Torpedo from the purchase page. After successful payment, you will get the license key and download link automatically to your email address. For PayPal purchase, if you were not asked to provide email address, you may check the inbox of the Email address registered with PayPal.

We support all major debit and credit cards as well as crypto-currencies BTC/ETH. The transaction is processed securely via PayPal and hence the payment options provided are by default of PayPal. Please reach out to us incase if you face any difficulties, we may be able to provide alternative payment options.

You will get complete refund for the product if WAT does not work as mentioned. Since the payment is processed via Paypal, you are covered by buyer protection provided by PayPal and you can directly reach PayPal also.

Yes. The license is lifetime free (perpetual license) with one time purchase. You will get a license key upon purchase and there is no expiry for it. The license also includes 1 year priority support.

As mentioned, you no need to pay to in future to continue using the Torpedo you purchased. You will get all updates in future for free. However, we may release new versions of Torpedo, which includes more features that the previous version does not have. For getting this upgraded version containing new features, you may need to pay a small amount of upgrade fee. In such case, you can purchase upgrade from here.

Yes, we provide you the option to use Torpedo up-to two computers without any additional payments. We recognize that users may need to install Torpedo on more than one computer. However each license issued are single PC license unless specified. For this, please send a request to our support team here, we will enable your license key to use up-to two computers. Alternatively, you can reset license to install in a new computer with the help of license reset portal.

Proxy IPs are easily available online for free by doing a simple Google search for "proxy IPs". You are free to use proxy IPs based on the location you like. Since there are abundant proxies are available online for free, we are not providing proxies with Torpedo. Torpedo provides multiple methods to import proxies from text file or directly from website (please refer user guide). We have seen occasions where users go for paid proxies. In that case you can purchase proxy IPs from your favorite proxy service provider and use for Torpedo.

Starting from Torpedo v8.0, we support all kinds of proxies (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5) with and without authentication. Torpedo releases lower than v8.0 do not support proxy requiring authentication.

Torpedo is primarily developed for traffic generation and SEO. Like any other traffic generators available online, Torpedo is not 100% safe for AdSense. Even though we are confident in the part that Torpedo is safe for ads, the main factor depends on how user use Torpedo. Considering AdSense, there are many factors that Google implemented to detect malicious traffic. We guarantee that the traffic generated from Torpedo is not malicious, but it can become malicious depends on usage. For example, if you use Torpedo for generating traffic 1000/hr for a website you get traffic 100/hr, the traffic may detected as malicious. The is due to the sudden change in the traffic behavior. Please refer this blog-post to understand more: Secrets of Website Traffic Generators: How They Help You?. You can find best practice of Torpedo from the user guide.

Torpedo does not make clicks on ads hosted in web pages. However, you may get ad views (view impressions) for the ads.

For expired/lost product, please download the corresponding version you purchased from download page and use the license key you already received to activate. For lost license key, please contact us using contact form.

Torpedo requires Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. If they are not already installed in your system (as a part of Windows update), this happens. You can download and install them from download page corresponding to your Operating System.

The following are the error classification:

  1. Error code IAK (Invalid Activation Key) - You are using the key which invalid or incorrect to the version of WAT/Torpedo you are using. All keys starts with a number which indicates the version you can used to activate. For example, the key starts with "8TOT" can only be used to activate in any version 8.x and the key starts with "7WAT" can only be used in any version 7.x. A common mistake is that the customer who purchased v7.x key tries to activate the higher version (eg: v8.x), then the key will not work. You are required to download one of the version in the key series you purchased or purchase upgrade.
  2. Error code ECS101 - This is an error at client side. Either you are entering an invalid key or the format of the key is incorrect. Please enter the key exactly as you received. Sample key format would be as shown below

  3. Error code ESS101/ESS102 - This could be a connection error to the activation server. Check your internet access - use of proxy or VPN may be causing the issue.

Especially, if you are a new customer of Torpedo, this may happen. We have seen around less than 5% of new users reporting the same. It happens mainly because of some Torpedo configuration does not match with your network speed or website. You may required to do some changes in the Torpedo settings based on below. At first, we recommended to watch the Torpedo video to get a basic working idea https://youtu.be/Qxn9Wc0pMwQ. After this, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try unchecking proxy from Torpedo "Geo Location" tab.
  2. Make sure that you are using direct Internet connection (ie. no proxy configured in your computer to access internet)
  3. Try making session duration to higher value (6000 or more should work). This is basically depends on your website loading speed
  4. Try changing traffic engine from Torpedo Settings

There could be some instances where you are not getting traffic when you use proxy and you get traffic when you disable proxy from Torpedo. In such case, please refer the possible causes given below:

  1. The proxy you added would have been died. Proxy IPs can get invalid or stop working at any time. Whenever you add proxies, use the "Test proxy" option to check proxy and occasionally refresh proxy using the refresh option provided under "Geo Location" tab.
  2. If your website use WAF such as Cloudflare, proxy IPs can be blocked. You can check that directly by using "Adv Proxy Checker" option (Note: this feature not available in versions before v8.0).
  3. You should have added proxies supporting only HTTP and your website is using HTPPS. This is a rare case scenario.

The above points are still not helping, please reach out to us via contact form, we are happy to help you.

This error is shown because the license key used to activate is already been used in another system. You can either reset the license key - device association using License Reset page or purchase additional license from the Enterprise License page

Torpedo is single suite software which has built in features to generate traffic from multiple search engines and devices. If you think you are targeting traffic from a different search engine (say "Naver" search engine), you can request us to customize Torpedo by adding "Naver" as new search engine. We will do research and build a custom Torpedo application meeting your needs.

We do not have subscription based traffic services. Torpedo is a software product that you can install in your computer and generate traffic based on the features it provides.

You may please reach out to us using contact form. We may be able to do similar services.

Sorry, we do not provide any traffic delivery services. Our product Torpedo is a standalone tool you can use to generate traffic.

We appreciate your offer with advertising and you may please reach out to us through the contact form. Please note that we consider privacy of Torpedo application users and hence have no plan to include any ads inside Torpedo application.

We do not have subscription based traffic services. Torpedo is a software product that you can install in your computer and generate traffic based on the features it provides.

You may please reach out to us using contact form. We may be able to do similar services.

Sorry, we do not provide any traffic delivery services. Our product Torpedo is a standalone tool you can use to generate traffic.