What is Torpedo Custom Feature/Service?

Torpedo Traffic Generator uses built in options to generate traffic based on different search engines, devices, operating systems, web browsers etc. We help you to add new search engine, device, operating system or web browser that you want. Upon confirmation, we would perform research and development to meet your requirement. Within a short duration of 8 days, we will complete the task and deliver you a custom build of Torpedo application.


Customize Your Torpedo

Search Engine

Social Media Site

Web Browser


OS/Browser Version

Screen Resolution

Additional License

Extended Support


How Does it Work?


Submit Request

Submit the feature or service to us using the request form.


Request Confirmation

We will evaluate your request and inform you with the payment options.


Research and Development

We will perform research and development to meet your requirements.


Product Delivery

Once the build is finished, we will deliver you the custom Torpedo.


Torpedo Custom Feature/Service Pricing

# Service Name Product Delivery Time Price
1 Adding new search engine Max 8 days $200/single search engine
2 Adding new Social Media Website Max 8 days $140/single social media site
3 Adding new web browser Max 8 days $150/single web browser
4 Adding new OS/Device Max 8 days $150/single OS/Device
5 Adding new web browser version Max 8 days $50/5 version addition ($9 for additional versions)
6 Adding new OS version Max 8 days $50/5 version addition ($9 for additional versions)
7 Additional Torpedo licenses Same day $29/single license*
8 Priority Support for Torpedo NA $250/year (Eligible for free upgrade)

Custom Torpedo Request

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