Today, we are announcing that WAT (Website Auto Traffic Generator) to Torpedo Traffic Generator. Originally launched in 2015 as a simple website traffic generator, now we have expanded to deliver a New-Generation traffic generator with new name and brand "Torpedo". We are still providing and always will be providing our customers a better, high quality traffic with our tool.

Our website is changed, logo has changed, and our application is renamed. But all our features will be same or better with the release of Torpedo v8.0. We believe our customers should have better experience this change.

What is the effect on existing WAT customers in this change?

  • Existing customers may consider Torpedo as an alias name for Torpedo. I.e Torpedo v8.0 is the upgraded version of WAT 7.x. As we previously stated, there is no expiry for WAT 7.x or license keys of earlier versions. The upgrade to Torpedo v8.0 is completely your choice.
  • The previous support email will be deactivated and customers are requested to contact us using the form.